Cultural-Historical Hiking Trail between Wolfshagen and Seesen

Heinrich Engelhard Steinweg (1797-1871) was born in Wolfshagen im Harz. In 1825 he came to Seesen and worked as a master joiner. To gain some extra income, the musically gifted Heinrich Engelhard also repaired square pianos and musical instruments at first, before establishing this business on a regular basis in 1836. He specialized in the making of pianos and soon gathered fame as an instrument maker. In 1850, the family emigrated to New York. With their acquired knowledge and skills they launched the later on internationally known company Steinway & Sons in 1853. The Steinweg, later Steinway, family always maintained contact with their native Harz country and came over and over again for visits. Today numerous tracks of the family still can be found in Wolfshagen and Seesen.

Length: 14.3 km

Degree of difficulty: medium

Starting points:

Festhalle (festival hall) Wolfshagen, Am Jahnskamp 4

Steinway-Park Seesen, Lautenthaler Straße / Granestraße

Road description:
Am JahnskampFesthalle Wolfshagen – Im Wolfswinkel – Burgweg – Naturlehrpfad – Sültebergköte – Pavillon „Steile Wiese“ – „Weide am Wittenberg“ – „Mandolinenhütte“ – Innerste Talsperre – „Kleines Trogtal“ – Schnapsweg (Steigertal) – Schnapsplatz – Tränkebachhütte – Forellenstieg – Steinway-Park


In Wolfshagen and Seesen the musical and cultural heritage of the Steinway family is well maintained to this day. In 2009 the Steinway-Park Association was founded in Seesen to revive the park. Throughout the year events for young and old take place.

In the Städtisches Museum Seesen (city museum of Seesen) is a permanent exhibition about the history of the Steinways. The first square piano which was manufactured in America under the brand name Steinway & Sons can be admired here as well.

Wilhelmsplatz 4

Tu – Fr 11 AM- 05 PM

Sa + Su 02 PM – 05 PM

Admission free

To preserve the memory of Heinrich Engelhard Steinweg, the Wolfshäger Steinway Association was founded In the Festhalle (festival hall) Wolfshagen in 2010. This association with its 100 year old grand piano, organizes piano concerts of wide variety of styles with renowned local as well as international artists.